Thursday, 5 July 2012

Cornflakes is back at Airdits...

Let me clear something up right  away - in case you think I have food on my mind and am referring to a bowl of yellow crispy things that you eat with milk, I am not. Instead I am talking about a fantastic big horse that I bred. An Irish Draught x WB he was born here five years ago. He went as three year old to a great friend of mine who hoped to bring him on to event. For various reasons the dream didn't work out so I was thrilled when I was given the opportunity to buy him back.

Cornflakes as a shaggy yearling - a boy with a fabulous, easy going temperament

I have admired him from afar a few times now and to have him back at home for a while is going to be great. He has of course grown in the time he has been away and has matured into a really handsome, big horse. His slight Roman nose is made attractive by his white markings and he really does stand out in a crowd.
Then and as a strapping three-yr-old, still with lots of growing to do.

Once my shoulder is fixed (I will blog about that later) I aim to do a bit of everything with him, bit of show jumping, bit of dressage, take a turn cross countrying and possibly some cubbing with the local hunt come Autumn time. First I will give him a few weeks in the field. 1 - because I can't ride at the moment but also because I think he will benefit from a little time relaxing.
So to my husband's alarm my horse numbers are creeping up again - Me? I couldn't be happier!

Back home this week as a 16.3 5-yr-old

 Here is a fun video of Cornflakes meeting up again with old friends Jerry and Garth - not horses were hurt in the making of this film! :)

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  1. Fabulous, I'm still smiling! You can see who is head of the herd in that group.