Monday, 28 May 2012

Trotting on...

I have to confess it's much harder to keep blogging when the weather is better and the nights are light so it's long past due for a catch up. There's so much to say I am not sure where to start. Amelie has been into the Clyde Vet Group and had both hocks operated on. The op was done keyhole and Andy McDiarmid was very pleased with the result. When she came home the only sign that anything had been done were two small stitches in one and three in the other hock.
The hocks were to be pressure bandaged for a week - I am lucky one of my livery clients is a nurse so I called on her expertise to make sure the huge bandages were done properly. Am's wasn't a good box rest patient and after a further week in at home started box walking so badly that I made the decision to put her out into a very small penned off bit in a small paddock. As the weather has been unseasonably hot she couldn't really be bothered trying to kick her way out so she has just been peacefully munching in a confined space - which I reckon is better than plodding around in endless small circles.
The vet is hopeful that she should come through this sound and go on to lead a good working life. I can't wait until her further six weeks off are over and I can start to gently bring her back to fitness again.

Losing Tara
Tara my gorgeous chestnut mare has unfortunately been put down. Her shivering in the end caused problems when she was ridden and after many, many sleepless nights trying to think of another job for her I just couldn't. She had unfortunately been previously difficult to get in foal, and, for me, her physical problems made her a less than ideal broodmare prospect anyway. It was a really difficult decision to come to. However I couldn't even pass her onto a friend to ride for fun and, as she easily became unsettled if her particular friends were away, she wasn't a good candidate for retiring to the field. It was a complete privilege to own and ride such an amazing mare and I learnt a huge amount from her and about her condition and I take some small comfort in knowing that she was happy in her year here on the farm. I will miss her hugely.

The stunning Tara whom it was a complete joy to own and ride.
Garth is in fine form
Garth, my grey jumping horse is in fabulous form. I have finally kicked off with some shows and he has surprised me by being incredibly rideable and behaving himself immaculately. Usually when he competes after a break he can be a bit of a strong old bugger, but something seems to have clicked and he jumped a lovely double clear in a 1.05m and then just had one down in a 1.15 at his first show. At his second show which was the super Fife Show near Cupar we were on grass - now usually he finds it irresistible to get strong and onwards in a big grass field, however he was brilliant and jumped a double clear in a 1.05m for second place. We had to give the 1.10m a miss as my youngest son Chris was getting judged in the 'best decorated gingerbread man competition'. I rushed down to find he had won first prize - what a proud mum.

Julie took her lovely horse Jerry to Fife to take part in his first ever RoR class and they had a great time to finish in third place. I think when Jerry first got there and heard the tannoy he thought he was back at the races, Julie did a great job and manged to keep him calm and focused and he looked beautiful in the ring. She was thrilled with the way he handled it all and I am sure they will be back for more.



This weekend we are off to West Fife show where we are going to give the 1.10 and 1.20m open a go. So here's hoping Garth still his new sensible head on when his hooves hit the green grass!

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