Wednesday, 4 April 2012

More ups than doons.....

Well I didn't get to my show jumping clinic and show, Garth was still just a little footsore after being shod left him a little sore on the sole. However as is usual with sod's law, he is now sound as a pound two days after the event and ain't that just horses for ya'. Ah well we still have a whole summer ahead of us and hopefully it will go more smoothly.
When my trainer and friend Ernest Dillon was up here in Scotland for his clinic he showed me some fantastic photos of Coco, a mare I bred out of my good show jumping mare Modetia. He bought Coco off me as an unbroken four-year-old last summer and she is now popping her first small jumps with him. Ernest has two of my home breds and it gives me a massive thrill to hear that they are all well and coming on in leaps and bounds.

Coco out of my lovely mare Modetia, tackling her first ever jumps with Ernest.

She seems to have inherited her dam's scope, boldness and good looks!
After the wintry weather that Scotland has just plunged back into, the better weather can't come soon enough. The horses are all starting to look match fit including Tara who is now ready to take to some lessons and shows to see how she copes with a bit of travelling again. She is much fitter now and I am really looking forward to tackling our first dressage outing together in. She is also learning to jump at the moment. It is just like sitting on a green four-year-old when it comes to this but she is very careful and makes a super shape over a fence, so we will give it a go and see how she comes on, I popped a few small fences with her last year so we will add in some more stuff this spring and build up to a wee course. There is no pressure though and if it is not her thing then so be it. She has also been for her first ever fast gallop up our new grass gallop here. I have no idea if she has ever done anything like this before but she certainly enjoyed it.

Tara is looking pretty fit now - doesn't want to waste good eating time posing for the camera though!
Amelie has had some treatment to a hock at the Clyde Vet Group which has made a massive difference to her way of going - so their diagnosis has been spot on. I am to ride her away for a few weeks to see if the treatment stays working, if it doesn't there are plenty of options to try so I am relatively happy that we are on the right road with her now. She is now moving freely with none of the tension that had crept in and she is most definitely the happy horse she was, once again.