Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Humans and their horses revving up now spring has sprung!

Just time for a quick update - Garth and I are really looking forward to our two day Ernest Dillon jumping clinic on Friday and Saturday. It has been a bit on and off for us as he was a bit footy after being shod last week, however he has had a pad put under his shoe now and the way he was leaping around like a mad March hare in the field this morning, makes me think it may do the trick, so hopefully he will be sound to jump. Then hopefully we will head off to our first BS show of the year on Sunday, to say that I am looking forward to it would be a huge understatement. I will let you know how we get on.

Garth letting Omagh and Jerry know that his buck is back! Foot is feeling better then :)
We have also been busy on the farm, harrowing and rolling the fields, basically repairing the winter ones and getting the fresh fields ready for the horses to move into. Nigel was driving me mad calling me in the tractor and telling me I was going to fast, too slow, too squint so I put my headphones on and ignored all instructions.

Getting ready for a light spot of harrowing - I like to think I fool everyone into looking like I know what I am doing.
 Only a few fields left to do now so should get them all finished by next week. Some of the livery's have helped me make a little cross country course around our top field where we also have a grass gallop. That has already proved fun for anyone that wants to jump it and we will hopefully add a few more fences over the next couple of months till there is a proper wee course up there.

Pam's turn to have a bash with the hammer - making the first of our small X-country course.
Jackie and Jenny Lammie started off by keeping just one Shetland pony with me a few years ago, as their first foray into becoming equestrians. Now this has multiplied into keeping two Welsh Cobs for driving and another Shetland pony (popped out as an unexpected foal from the original Shetland). Jackie and Callan took to driving like ducks to water and are currently getting fit for the 2012 season. What makes me chuckle is that the family cars now live an outdoor life as the garage is full of driving carts. I am hoping Jackie will have time to give me a driving lesson one night next week as I would love to give it a go. He was out last night giving Callan a workout in the evening sunshine and I thought they looked very striking.

Jackie and Callan. Hopefully Callan will cope with a novice like me having a go next week!

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