Friday, 9 March 2012

Gearing up for the season ahead...

Had a great jumping lesson on Garth at Balcormo last weekend with Sandra Low Mitchell. He is still looking hairy and needs a clip but the belly is shrinking (wish mine was) and he is feeling fitter and I think we will head out to a show soon.
We did some grid work in the lesson; once upon a time he would have rushed down the line of fences making me feel like I was in a wind tunnel but he now takes his time, measures his strides and backs off off to give himself plenty of space to clear everything neatly. It was a joy to ride him down the line a few times and I was really enjoying myself.
Next we moved onto an small double on the other side of the school, concentrating on not letting him cut the corner to this we popped it a couple of times then Sandra started putting it up. Garth felt fantastic and we ended up popping out over a 1.40m oxer which is probably the nearest I will ever get to flying without paying Ryanair !
I have to take my sons to various dates in their hectic social diaries this Saturday then I have to drop Amelie off at the vets near Lanark this Sunday as she is having a scan. Next weekend though I am definitely going to find a show to take Garth to.

Garth popped this 1.40m oxer for fun - the closest I will come to flying without involving Ryanair!

Lots in the diary..
At the end of March, after three days of my next magazine deadline, I am really looking forward to a three day jumping clinic at Howe Country Centre with my other regular trainer, Ernest Dillon. Sadly I can only do two days due to my a dayjob appointment, but I am sure that my clever horse will catch up pretty quickly when we come in on day two.
Then on the Sunday after the clinic I am going to head to Gleneagles to jump there. They haven't held a BS show there for a few years now. I used to love jumping here in the winter on both Cavalla and Modetia so I am really looking forward to taking Garth - I think he will love the big indoor arena there.

As I mentioned Ams is off for a scan - the vets at The Clyde Vet Hospital found that she was moving stiffly and is very mildly lame so I am hoping the scan shows any hot spot and that we can sort out whatever is bothering her so she will be comfortable to begin her jumping career proper.

Amoureva by Amoureux.
New arrival...
We have a gorgeous new arrival on the yard - Amoureva, known as Ziva, is a beautiful rising-three-year-old by Amoureux. She belongs to Ferne who is hoping to break her and bring her on over the next few years to event. She is going to be a big, beautiful horse, she is very gangly at the moment but what a mover. She has a very sensible head on her shoulders, loves people and attention and has settled in brilliantly. I am looking forward to seeing her grow into herself - she is going to be a stunning horse.

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