Friday, 3 February 2012

Garth and I jumping

Here is a video of my gorgeous grey Garth and I jumping some tracks over the last couple of years.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Amelie is hospital bound, Garth is onward bound

I came to a decision this week, Amelie is happier in her new Micklem bridle but not enough for my liking and in fact was completely and unusually out of sorts under saddle last weekend. So much so that I called my vet on Monday and asked him to make her an appointment at the Clyde vet hospital with Andy McDiarmid. I think that I need to get her jaw, back and withers all scanned or X-rayed - whatever they  recommend, once they have assessed her being ridden, to double check that there is no pain leading to her somewhat odd ridden behaviour right now
Although there have been long periods where she has worked so well that I have believed we were on the right track - she is very erratic at the moment and I need to make sure all is well physically. She has previously had her back, saddle and teeth all checked so now it is time for a thorough investigation so I can work out which way to go with her next. If she is just being a young horse with attitude so be it, but I have a niggle in the back of my head that there is something up and that means I absolutely give her the benefit of the doubt.
I haven't ridden her since last weekend and won't do so until she has had her check-up.

Amelie (3rd from left) with some of my other homebreds

Questions that I need to answer before I go any further:

Are her withers ok, or has she damaged them somehow.

Is her jaw ok, or is there a bone or tooth splinter meaning that any sort of contact with the bit is causing pain? Are the bars of her mouth damaged in some way?

Is her spinous process ok, are there any kissing spines?

Is there some other unseen condition which is causing her discomfort under saddle?

All these questions need to be answered now as she was so nappy and unhappy the other day and that is just not like her at all. I would hate to go any further with her training if there is pain I am unaware of. Our appointment is at the end of next week on my birthday in fact - it would be a great present to find out there is nothing serious bothering her, or if there is that it is something that the vets can do something about. So keep your fingers crossed for us.

Up the Clyde...
My Peewee bit arrived (see earlier post) but interestingly it was a copy of the bit and not the real thing - the mouthpiece which was supposed to be sweet iron was just stainless steel painted black - so I have sent it straight back. Sometimes I think these sellers think that we come up the Clyde in a banana boat!

This weekend we leave the ground
I am off on Saturday for a jumping lesson on Garth with Sandra Low-Mitchell over at Balcormo. I am sharing with a lovely friend of mine who I haven't seen for ages. It's something that I have enjoyed down the years - making some great friends because of a shared equestrian interest. You just never know who you might meet on a horse!
Garth is starting to look more streamlined again, the lesson won't be too full on as this will be his first jumping session for a while.
Garth  as he looks fit and going  - this pic was taken by a lovely friend of mine Hannah Paterson who is an ace photographer

The daft horse managed to get himself a fat knee for a couple of days - probably because of his annoying habit of galloping up behind a buddy, using their backend as a ABS braking system, then trying to rub his face all over their bottom. It's fine if they see him coming but if he catches them unawares, well you can guess. Sometimes I do wonder where his brains are! Luckily he wasn't lame at all and it is back to normal now.
Then David Harland is coming to my yard to teach on Sunday so I will sneak Garth into someones lesson and join in some of the exercises. All in all that will mean a good weekends workout for Garth. Perhaps that will use up all his excess energy - well a girl can dream.

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