Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Freestyle pairs dressage!...

Very, very windy here today, local wind speeds of over 100mph were recorded. We were incredibly lucky in that the only damage was some old roof tiles blowing off a shed.  Needless to say we didn't turn the horses out but I let them have a play in pairs in the school later on once the wind had died down a bit. Here's some pics I took of them enjoying some freestyle pairs dressage! Fingers crossed that the weather in Jan and Feb is calmer so that I can crack on getting them back to fill fitness for spring.
Amelie and Tara enjoying a canter around

Enjoying a trot around.
Amelie showing how nicely she moves
Tara, my mare by Jazz, wearing half the arena surface!
Next out were the boys,  Omagh (chestnut) and Garth
Garth getting woolly but looking happy during his holiday
Garth stretches out
Hi handsome.
My ginger giant, Omagh.

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