Thursday, 8 December 2011

Storm force...

Phew that was a storm and a half this week - wind speeds here were phenomenal. I would tell you what they were but the wind monitor on the boy's weather station blew away! You could play that kids game where you open your jacket and use it as a cape to lean into the wind in Batmanesque fashion. I had a good look around the morning after and one of the big horse sheds is missing a skylight and the bit that fixes the gable end down (no idea what the technical roofing term is) but worst hit is my little greenhouse which looks like Tracy Emin got her hands on it and turned it into a piece of artwork entitled 'Greenhouse I threw Stones At'. I can see it now in the Tate Modern. There's not much left of it at all. All in all though we came of lightly considering we live on top of a hill and I am quite relieved to see that there is no worse damage, although I think we may struggle to get a roofer as there are lots of properties far worse hit around here.

An Eric a day...
We had our last visit of the year to the yard the other day from Eric Mackechnie who comes to keep me on the straight and narrow on the flat. Eric is a great teacher who really knows his stuff, among many other things he is also a World Class Development Para Equestrian Dressage Coach. Since he started coming here a few months ago I have started working my horses far more constructively in the school as he has filled me with ideas and inspiration. In between the hard work he also makes me laugh a lot which is never a bad thing. It is so easy to get into the same old rut of a riding routine when you constantly school on your own so it is a real treat to have someone standing on the ground while I ride all three horses one after the other. I am really looking forward now to doing some dressage with all my horses in 2012. A few of my livery clients are also enjoying lessons with him including Fiona who keeps her horse Dougie with us. Eric is showing her a way forward with her horse which makes sense to both of them.

Eric and Fiona chat about the lesson, I don't think Dougie is interested anymore though :)
That's the spot mum, Dougie enjoys having his sweaty neck scrubbed after he's worked hard!

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