Friday, 2 December 2011

Now in print...

Exciting news - I can now report that I am a bona fide columnist! My first one appears in the January issue of Horse & Rider, it is a magazine that I have enjoyed reading for many years now. There's nothing better than relaxing in a scalding hot bath on a winter's night with a copy - although I do emerge resembling a prune, albeit a clean and fragrant one.
When the editor Alison Bridge first asked me I wondered if people would want to read about my life as I am not a celebrity rider but she assured me that my somewhat hectic life would definitely be of interest so I have given it a go. I think there will be many readers who, like me, have to juggle life around to fit in their beloved horses. The issue is out now - if you buy a copy then flick to the back page column and let me know what you think. The one thing that was really difficult was to condense everything down into 400 words - writing a blog is completely different you can waffle on for as long as you like.


  1. that is WONDERFUL! a very heart congratulations to you! In this digital age it is amazing the rush we still have with print... I love getting my horse magazines in the mail each moth. Very happy for you- can you share the article?!


  2. Thanks Corinna - I have to admit to being thrilled, it is one thing to post online - quite another to be on the page.