Sunday, 18 December 2011

Garth jumping....

Was having fun tonight making a video of us riding the horses in the frost today and thought I'd post this other You tube video of Garth and I in action last year at Howe Country Centre in Fife. So you can all see my lovely horse who is the subject of many a blog post. He jumped really well in this class but rider error meant we got four faults at the last fence. I am going to try and make some more videos for this blog - hoping to get a video camera in my stocking so here's hoping Father Christmas is listening!


  1. took me back!! I have a tiny video camera called a flip video mino which holds an hour of digital video - It is a very neat little handy thing - Hope Nigel reads this!

  2. We certainly had some fun days here all of us . Keep hinting to Nige but so far he is ignoring me on the video camera front - will have to rely on Santa or save up :)