Monday, 9 May 2011

A mare worth her weight in chocolate

Great excitement this week I am picking up my new horsebox. Excitement tempered with a slight nervousness about owning a big diesel guzzling beast again after years of a low maintenance and pretty much cost free trailer. Oh well in for a penny in for a pound. Hopefully it will be mechanically sound and not cost me a small kings ransom to keep on the road.
I rode my youngster Amelie again today and finally everything seems to be slotting into place. She is coming right and will be worth the hard work, she is just proving the truth of the old adage, 'you tell a gelding and ask a mare'. She is long in the back and her neck confirmation, where it comes from the wither is not the best, so she balances her self with a high head carriage, which leaves me wondering some days if I am actually riding a giraffe in a horse suit.
Today I had one of those Zen like evenings with her when all went smoothly - harmony prevailed - such bliss. She is now softly working round and down and building muscle in all the right places.

I took a couple of pictures of her the other day and I am going to take some more every couple of months so I can chart the physical changes in her and show that the work she is doing building a correct topline. 
Amelie in April 2011
On the plus side she is a real people horse who stands peacefully on her own in the shed even when the other horses are charging around outside, she loves a shower with the hose after a workout and fell asleep when the blacksmith put her first set of back shoes on last week. Sometimes a horse like that is worth it's weight in chocolate. My next task with her is to get her loading in the lorry like a good'un - I am hoping that her great greed and love of carrots will persuade her to hot-foot it up the ramp.

On another bright note, my lovely horse Omagh (short for Omagh Darlin) who damaged a tendon over a year ago is back in work with Debby, who loans him from me. I bought Omagh from my friend Sandra Low Mitchell when I  was starting to ride again having had a my first baby break. Omagh was perfect, a completely gentle giant of 17.2, he taught me to be a confident rider again when, unlike a weeble, I did fall down and off. He jumped anything I put in front of him no matter what dodgy stride I was on. We suited each other perfectly for a few years. He is a great all rounder, but once I was ready to do some more concentrated show jumping again he wasn't so keen, so instead of boring him to death I decided to to loan him out rather than sell him (you just never know when you might need the ultimate gentleman back in your life.). He still lives here at my yard but Debby rides and looks after him. She actually suits him more than me as she is tall and he's a big boy. Anyway I wish them both luck as he slowly gets fit again.
The fabulous gentle giant - Omagh - every girl should have one - pity I always looked like a pea on a drum on him.

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