Tuesday, 3 May 2011

L'eau de Sausage......

We headed off as a family for the Easter weekend - camping up at Rothiemurchus, near Aviemore. This was a first for us and I was a bit worried about the weather forecast for rain, as my hubby was less of a happy camper and more of a 'nappy' one - I did wonder if I would get him out of the starting gate. However come the hour he manfully packed the car with all manner of camping gadgets and gizmos and off we set. The rain on the way up failed to dampen the kids spirits and, hallelujah, the rain was fading as we neared the campsite. (I saw Nige make a mental note as we passed a Hilton Hotel just before the campsite) But as we drew up at our pitch, the last few drops of rain cleared and as camping virgins we managed to get the tent up with only a few mutterd oaths.

Happy campers - well the one with the beer is anyway.

We ended up having a fantastic weekend, the rain stayed away and we spent Sunday at an outdoor adventure place where we climbed, flumed, Tarzan walked and other activities that my two boys had no problem outshining thier parents at. 'Come on mum - you're a bit slow' became the day's refrain. Great fun though.
About to be overtaken by my six year old
 My only disappointment was that the campsite was in the shade of remnents of the Caledonian Pine Forest - majestic to look at but brrrrr, a bit cool and chilly to sit in, especially as campfires were forbidden due to peaty ground. I have never huddled so close to a tinfoil BBQ in my life before. In fact I quickly resigned myself to smelling of 'L'eau de Sausage' for the weekend! 
Waiting patiently for the sausages to cook
Heading home I had an exciting phone call from the man who is building my new horsebox, telling me that it is nearly ready - Yippee. I sold my trailer a while ago now to a super lady, Heather Mitchell - otherwise known as the Frilly Ghillie who, among other things makes the most fantastic hats - look out for her at The Scottish Game Fair at Scone - so I have been grounded for ages.

Look out for Heather, 'The Frilly Ghillie' at the game fairs - her hats are fabulous. Healther trains ponies for stalking and does stalking demos
Went to see my truck a couple of days later - I have chosen to paint it racing green - it looked great even though it had no wheels on and was all taped up against paint smudges. Hopefully I will be driving it home next week and then there will be no stopping me this summer. It is a 7.5t truck - I haven't had the living fitted out as I rarely use it and it means I can legally fit 3 horses in it and stay under weight without having to faff about and get an HGV licence. .Good for me and other road users according to Nige.

Although I don't plan to compete three horses, I have a big problem with the lovely Garth, (see previous posts). He is a funny horse - he can cope with going to a show on his own but take him with another horse and take that horse away from him and he flips out. I have had his head stitched up twice after he reared and went through the roof of my trailer and a friends lorry. My solution which may seem little extreme, is to go back to a truck so that I can always have a horse in the back keeping him company. Believe you me, when he flips it is just not safe for either him or any handler trying to calm him down. My old show jumper Modetia will be a great nanny - she loves tootling to shows and is quite happy to hang around calmly for hours as long as she has plenty of haylage to munch.

Should be picking my lorry up at the end of this week - can't wait - look out all you truckers!

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