Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The end of the rainbow...

Well lots has happened since my last blog. The new lorry is here - it's big and green and gorgeous. I keep going and looking at it much to Nige's amusement. The best thing is that because it is so bright and white inside, I managed to load my previously unloadable mare, Amelie. Having set aside a week to perform this task I was delighted when it was done in less than an hour. She has previously perfected a horsebox tango - cue music -  two steps forward cha cha - three steps back cha cha cha. While she would not have impressed Arlene Phillips auditioning on 'So you think you can dance', she certainly had the fancy footwork down to a fine art. It was going backwards down a ramp that caused her to nearly slice through all her tendons when she was a youngster, so you can imagine my delight when she decided this was one lorry she could tango into no bother.
Hooray. A bit of encouragment from Dr Horse Nut and she had performed this feat no less than three times. Big success.
She is a funny mare you can't apply too much pressure to her head as her reaction is to fling it back and in the end she will rear, so softly softly definately won the day here. I know that had I got grumpy with her and applied too much pressure she would have hit the roof with her head, had a paddy and exited backwards at speed. Sometime patience definately pays off.

So the truck is here and I should have been off to my first show in 6 months this weekend you would think. Ah no, that would be too easy. Garth, my grade B, has thrown a splint, probably mucking about in the field a discipline in which he has Olympic Gold. Typical of horses isn't it? I am more phlegmatic about such things now that I am a mum. My eldest son had a bad asthma attack when he was two and I sat for hours in hospital watching his tiny, ribby chest rise and fall as he struggled to breath. (He recovered and is now an unbelivably robust 9-yr-old). Then my youngest son Chris was rushed into intensive care not long after this when he was only hours old, with hypothermia. I know it all sounds a cliche and it's hard to explain the how or why, but after these dark hours with my little boys I have actually enjoyed my horses more than I did before when I used to put myself under pressure all the time to do well - the horses are a joy to me everyday, but when things go wrong with them it is never as bad as watching my little boys struggle to survive. I guess that it's called perspective. It doesn't stop me wanting to be a better rider but does stop me doing a lot of navel gazing.

Horses go lame, I ride like a muppet at a show now and again - but I now know that the world is in fact not going to end if we roll a couple of poles or my plans go awry because one of my horses throws me a curve ball and goes lame. Frustrating as it is, I just change my plans and do something else or work a bit harder on my riding. So this weekend the boys and I and Julie and Pam from the yard here went to Fife Show to have a look instead of me competing there. We had a great day - everyone was buffeted by the wind but the forcast rain stayed away. I was delighted for all the organisers (my husband among them) who have all put hours into organising and getting the show up and running. County shows like this are a fantastic showcase for great local produce and products as well as being a brilliant social gathering. Entries were strong on the livestock side, I was told that horse entries were down a little but there still seemed to be a huge quantity of every sort of equine there.

Garth should be back on track soon, I am riding him gently and I am hoping to take Amelie out for her first lesson next week. So onwards and upwards. I was going this to take Ams this week but the big gale hit. We were pretty lucky here all we suffered was a sycamore tree blown down which is now a perfect kids climbing frame. Julie took this fabulous picture of a rainbow that appeared over the fallen tree as the winds died down. It really looked like the end of the rainbow finished in my fields - perhaps it does - who knows!
Where does it end?

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