Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Turning full circle

So much has happened since I last blogged (note to self) get in front of this computer more often and get blogging! I made a decision during this last grey, snowy winter and that was to get my own horse numbers down to a more manageable number - I was up to 11 at one time and decided that that way madness lies. So with that in mind I decided that I had to sell some of my homebred youngsters. The first project was Bella. Bella is a fabulous four year old out of a great old eventing mare, Corrie, who was by the stallion Cornell's Court. Bella's dad is De Nero (no it's not a spelling mistake De Nero was from the MorayFirth stud in Scotland, the other De Niro is the famous stallion).
Bella as a foal.

Anyway Bella popped out black and beautiful, pretty much the spit of her dad. When we came to break her she proved to be a complete star - no hassle just took everything in her stride and finished the summer popping a little course. Then came the hard part - who to sell her too.
Bella and her mum, Corrie.

I am rubbish at selling my horses, I will never again breed them to sell - I hate it - I would rather keep them all. However that just ain't possible. I advertised her and a few people came to see her. One lady offered me the full price but much to my husband's horror I said no. She just didn't ride well enough - you know the type - get on a young horse and grab the reins tight. I have seen young horses flip over when riders do that - not Bella though - she just stood there with her head tucked on her chest, a little puzzled that she could no longer move freely but no panic.
Bella showing off her great canter while getting broken in.

Eventually my old friend Ernest Dillon came up here to teach at my yard and once he'd seen her pop a few fences asked to buy her for his partner Aileen. I couldn't be more chuffed as the mare Bella came out of had belonged to a dear friend of mine who has died of cancer. When she knew she was dying she asked me if I would take her old mare and if we could, together, breed a last foal from her. She chose the stallion and it gave me a huge amount of pleasure when the foal was born and Maggie decided she was the best foal she had ever bred.
Anyway what it means to me is that Bella has gone to a great home where she will be loved and produced correctly to show jump, and Aileen is keen to do some dressage on her as well. So I wish them both well and will let you know how Bella gets on - in fact you can follow her adventures in Bella's Blog. The ironic and great thing is that I met my friend Maggie at a shared lesson with Ernest years ago and we became firm friends. Ernest knew both Maggie and Corrie, Bella's mum very well - so everything seems to have turned full circle here and I can't wait to see how Bella gets on.

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